I believe in societies rooted in love and liberation where ALL Black people live in our fullness and everyone is free.

I believe we can create that world together. Imagine, experience  and enjoy it with me.

Alicia Walters (she/her/gawdess) is equal parts dreamer and creator exploring how we get free. As an artist, writer and facilitator, she invites people to envision and embody joyful liberation. Alicia trains communities and organizations in Centering Blackness as a path for personal and collective transformation. With decades of experience in social justice movements, Alicia is a sought-after speaker and advisor, bringing insight and creativity to audiences and institutions alike. Alicia and her work have been featured in numerous outlets, including The New York Times, The Guardian, Ebony and TIME.

About Alicia

Alicia is passionate about creating environments and visioning futures where we can all live in our fullness with greater ease, joy and authenticity. Whether facilitating experiential art installations or group retreats, Alicia holds space with heart, creating containers for vulnerability leading to lasting change. Alicia’s work encourages us to feel and know another world is possible and explore creating it together.

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My Werk

As the creator of the Black Thought Project, Alicia curates and facilitates interactive, immersive experiences where communities create sanctuaries for Black expression, practicing the radical act of Centering Blackness in public. She is a fellow at The Maven Collaborative where she documents the impacts of Centering Blackness for narrative and cultural change. She is the facilitator and co-creator of the Black Future Newsstand and creative director and author of WHOLE: a Vision for Abortion Freedom. Above all, Alicia creates works you can feel and experience. Learn more about her ever-evolving practice and offerings.



Read, listen and watch to learn more about Alicia and her work. She’s been featured in the New York Times, TIME, The Guardian, CNN and more.


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